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Since the 1990s, interactive technology has been incorporated into schools and businesses. Interactive projectors allowed presenters to share their screen or conference feed with a whole class or room. These advances were an improvement on paper handouts and overhead projectors and audio-only conference call, but they were limited by environmental constraints and input restrictions. Interactive displays allow presenters and teachers to communicate information clearly. They also make it easier for the audience to engage with their content. Although traditional input methods such as a stylus or keyboard are still available, the most popular interactive displays today have multi-touch controls that can recognize up to 20 points of touch simultaneously. These interactive panels are not like interactive whiteboards that require extensive training and can be difficult to use for new users. Instead, they capitalize on the popularity of smartphones and tablets by providing intuitive touch controls that feel natural from the first use. Interaction is not required. Technology proponents often focus on interactive benefits of new displays but these devices don't require interaction to work. The displays' durable LCD screens and high resolution display make it easy to share information to your intended audience. It is easy to update messages using the displays' integrated Android interface, USB connections and network connectivity. This gives you even greater control and convenience.
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