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When buying a monitor, the first thing you need to ask is "Can it connect to my computer?" Check the output of your computer to see which ports are available. If you have a dedicated card, be sure to examine those outputs. Next , check that your monitor has the same type ports as your computer. If it doesn't you will need an adapter or special cable.

Video Graphics Array (VGA), an Old and Outdated Standard for Video-Out. VGA can be found on both cheaper computers and laptops of business class (to ensure they are compatible with older projection systems). A blue screw-down plug is usually included with the small trapezoidal connection. VGA is only capable of transmitting video signals, not audio.

VGA is more limited than other types of connections. VGA operates using an analog standard. It has no technical limitations to its resolution and refresh rate. However, it is limited by the length and electrical power of the cable. VGA connections should be used for displays with resolutions below 1080p, which is the minimum requirement for most modern monitors.

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