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Celebrate AEVISION passing the certification of Huangpu District and Guangzhou Development Zone Green + Enterprise

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Recently, the list of the second batch of "Green +" enterprises in Huangpu District and Guangzhou Development Zone in 2022 was announced, and our company Guangzhou AEVISION Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was on the list. 


Green + Enterprise 

Refers to an enterprise that incorporates the concept of sustainable development and the realization of environmental and social benefits into the entire process of enterprise management and has achieved remarkable results. The industry of the main business of the enterprise belongs to the field of green industry or the enterprise with excellent performance in environmental protection, social responsibility and corporate governance. 

Green + enterprise certification is not only a high affirmation and recognition of AEVISION's remarkable achievements in the whole process of integrating environmental and social benefits into enterprise management, but also an incentive and spur for AEVISION to develop and innovate in the field of display industry applications. , which is conducive to further enhancing AEVISION's independent innovation capabilities and strengthening AEVISION's core competitiveness in the market. 

办公楼 (3)

In the process of sustainable development, AEVISION has always firmly established the concept of sustainable development, based on the current situation, focusing on the long-term, focusing on improving the level of industrial technology and competitiveness, taking the enterprise as the main body, taking the market as the guide, strengthening government guidance, improving policy mechanisms, and cultivating Standardize the market, focus on strengthening technological innovation, vigorously improve the level of technical equipment, products, and services, and contribute to promoting the green transformation of regional economic growth models and green technology innovation, and promoting sustainable economic development and ecological civilization construction.

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