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Welcome to the AEVISION showroom

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The AEVISION showroom is located at the Smart Manufacturing Innovation Center of the Greater Bay Area in Huangpu District, Guangzhou. The showroom is built with the idea of combining AEVISION's display products with the scenarios of their applications to show the functions of each display product in a more vivid way.

The smart retail area includes wall-mounted and vertical Commercial Advertising Displays, combined with the design of the overall coffee bar, reflecting the value of Commercial Advertising Displays in commercial scenarios.

CCTV security zone with Eagle Series, Rock series with tempered glass and Dragon Shadow series CCTV monitors,adopting better brightness technology and image optimization technology, which can make the image appear clearer and more real no matter day or night. It supports 7*24 hours of power-on use, and the size ranges from 17 inches to 110 inches . It is widely used in security scenarios such as homes, communities, commercial centers, and transportation.

The LCD splicing screen uses 9 splicing units with a 55-inch 3.5mm seam.

LED seamless splicing large screen, higher brightness than LCD, suitable for use in exhibition halls, lecture halls, building exterior walls and other scenes.

The nano-smart blackboard is a display device composed of an interactive display and a blackboard that can be written with chalk on two sides, helping the development of educational modernization.

The smart medical area is equipped with interactive display devices, which can be used by medical institutions to help them cascade the numbering, calling, information display and ward services, making medical management more intelligent and humanized.

The entertainment competition area mainly displays AEVISION's e-sports display series. Customers can experience the entertainment experience brought by the display and intuitively demonstrate the strong performance of the display.

The smart office area is equipped with an interactive whiteboard, which is equipped with dual systems of Android and Windows. During work, it can conduct remote meetings, share content in real time, conduct brainstorming, etc., which is a sharp tool for the work team to improve efficiency.

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